Hi, I'm Alex from
Queen's University

About Me

Hello there! I am a student at Queen's University and a self-driven learner who is passionate about computer science and math. My learning approach places a strong emphasis on creative problem-solving and collaborative idea sharing. This is reflected in my dedication to tackling challenging coding problems and brainstorming strategies with others. With the spare time I have available between my university and team commitments, I enjoy working on game development, web development, and machine learning.

  • Languages & Development
    Python, Java, C, Haskell, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WSL, Bash, Git, MATLAB
  • Frameworks & Libraries
    PyTorch, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Flask, PyQt, F Prime, Pygame, Processing
  • General
    Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Web Development, Game Development
  • Queen's Space Engineering Team Member (2022 - 2023)
    QSET is a group of students with a passion for space technologies, who are designing and creating a satellite. I work with the communications team, and so far we have designed a graphical user interface using the PyQt5 library that sends commands and receives data, such as pictures, from our satellite.
  • QHacks (2023)
    In Queen's University's official hackathon, I worked with a team to design and implement ConcussionMD - a concussion diagnosis web application. Our tool can determine if the patient has a concussion by analyzing the patient's pupil radii and comparing their dilation. In the 36 hours we had, our team learned and implemented Flask, OpenCV, Wix, and more. At the end of the hackathon, our project won the $1000 DDQIC Sponsored Prize for the use of technology to provide greater access to specialized medical care to rural and remote areas.
  • Queen's University
    Computer Science
  • GPA
  • Courses
    Computer Science, Linear Algebra, Calculus, Discrete Math, Statistics, Economics

My Games

The Detonator
A physics game featuring levels in which the player must use the blast waves of explosives to launch themself through tricky terrain.

Maze Runner
A game in which you run through randomly generated mazes to the finish line. Each maze features a starting point, an endpoint, and doors throughout. Race against the clock, another person, or the computer, and save your highscores.

Geometry Wars
A recreation of the real geometry wars game, with a twist! Every minute, you get to choose an upgrade for your spaceship. Survive as long as you can against the endless waves of enemies, some of which are unique from the real game.

Control a tank and survive as long as you can throughout the airstrike. Inspired by the game Heavy Weapon.